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Traffic Stops and Suppression

Motorists are being stopped everyday on Interstate 80 and 380 by drug interdiction troopers.  Travelers on these highways have become a popular target for the Pennsylvania State Police.  Individuals are stopped that fit a "drug courier" profile, some are released but others end up under arrest.  Attorney Reish has handled these cases for over a decade from District Court to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.  Seizing cash or vehicles as part of these stops was becoming a large money making operation in some areas, but it can be fought.  Attorney Reish also handles civil forfeiture cases that relate to these state drug cases.  If you are charged with a crime as a result of a traffic stop or the police take your property, please call.


Home Searches and Buy/Busts

Police searches of residences and businesses often follow an alleged buy from a confidential informant or from observations alleged to have been made by police officer from "plain view."  A crucial part of these cases, whether they are grow houses, stash houses, or a family home is the challenge to the search itself.  Attorney Reish has experience in grow house, stash house and everyday house cases and can bring that experience to your case.


Drug Addiction and Treatment

Many criminal defendants find themselves in trouble because of addiction. While an arrest should be a wake up call, sometimes it is not enough.  Early intervention and treatment from the beginning of the case onward is often necessary to get an addiction under control and to help resolve a case.  Attorney Reish has helped many defendants and their families navigate their way through the state criminal justice system while finding sobriety.  Treatment options vary for each case, but the early we are able to get started the better.