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Monroe County , PA Expungements

For years, Attorney Reish has prepared and filed expungement petitions for criminal cases and juvenile matters in Monroe County, Pennsylvania.

ARD Expungement

Once a defendant completes the ARD Program in Monroe County, she or he needs to file a request with the Court of Common Pleas for the expungement of her or his record. After receiving the petition, the Court will then decide whether the criminal arrest information and court records should be expunged.  After an Expungement Petition is filed, it ordinarily takes from one month to one and a half months to receive an Order of Expungement.  However, it takes additional time for the court records to be removed from the Courthouse and from the database at the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts, and it takes additional time for the Pennsylvania State Police to remove arrest records from its database.  For DUI cases, PennDOT will maintain a record for an "ARD - DUI Violation" for ten years on a person's driver's history record.  Attorney Reish will handle ARD Expungement cases in the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas for a flat fee of $250.00 plus any applicable filing fees.  However, other types of expungement cases have a different fee as discussed below.

Expungement and Limited Access

Expungement of criminal cases which did not go through the ARD Program are handled in a different way than ARD Expungements.  Sometimes cases are dismissed.  In other cases, a plea of guilty to a summary offense may have been entered.  Even where a guilty plea was entered, if there is a time of arrest free behavior, expungement may be requested for summary violations.

For guilty pleas to certain misdemeanor offenses, the convictions can be sealed under Pennsylvania’s limited access law so that employers and certain other individuals will not be able to view the records, even though they are not technically expunged.  This is a benefit to people who may have entered a plea to misdemeanor offense, but then otherwise lead a law abiding life. 

For those people who are not eligible for expungement or limited access, there is still a pardon process that can be applied for and if granted, the record can be expunged.

Monroe County Courthouse, photo by Brandon R. Reish

Monroe County Courthouse, photo by Brandon R. Reish