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Monroe County Expungements

Attornery Reish regularly prepares and files expungement petitions for criminal defendants and for juvenile matters that were filed in Monroe County Pennsylvania.  Although he has filed for expungements outside of Monroe County, it is a procedure that is often most efficiently handled by counsel local to the county where the petition will be filed. 

ARD Expungement

For an ARD case completed in Monroe County, getting an Expungement Order typically takes around one month to one and a half months after the Petition is submitted, but can be sooner.  However, it will take additional time for the court records to be removed from the Courthouse and from the central database, and it takes additional time for the Pennsylvnia State Police to remove the arrest record.  Keep in mind that for DUI cases, PennDOT will retain a record of an ARD Violation for ten years.  ARD Expungement cases are ordinarily handled through the Court of Common Pleas for a flat fee of $210.00 plus any applicable filing fees.  However, other types of expungement cases can be more costly and a price for services can be given after a brief consultation.

Other Expungements and Record Sealing

For expungements of cases that did not go through the ARD Program, there are slight differences.  Sometimes cases are dismissed in their entirety; in other cases, a plea of guilty to a summary offense may have entered and then an otherwise law abiding life may have occurred.  In these cases, an expungement can be requested and is ordinarily granted.

More recently, for certain guilty pleas in minor misdemeanor offenses, have become eligible to be sealed under limited access so that employers and certain other individuals will not be able to view the records, even though they are not technically expunged.  This is a benefit to people who may have entered a plea to misdemeanor offense, but then otherwise lead a law abiding life. 

For those people who are not eligible for expungement or restrictive access, there is still a pardon process that can be applied for and if granted, an expungement can follow.

Monroe County Courthouse, photo by Brandon R. Reish

Monroe County Courthouse, photo by Brandon R. Reish