Few Criminal Defense Attorneys in Northeastern Pennsylvania HAve Federal Court TRIAL Experience, Attorney Reish Has Been Practicing in the Federal Courts of Northeastern Pennsylvania for OVER a Decade

Attorney Reish regularly represents federal criminal defendants in the United States District Courts of the Middle District of Pennsylvania.  For the past decade, he handled federal criminal matters in the United States District Courts of Scranton and Wilkes-Barre and throughout the Middle District of Pennsylvania.  He has taken federal misdemeanor and felony cases to trial and verdict, and understands the federal process.  In reality, most federal cases do not go to Trial, and Attorney Reish will work hard to get the best possible plea for those clients who need to navigate the federal sentencing guidelines and argue for fair sentences.  He has defended White Collar Crime, Mail Fraud, Bank Fraud, Hobbs Act, RICO Offense, and Drug Conspiracies in federal courts for over a decade, arising out of investigations by Government agencies including:  the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF); Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA); Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Internal Revenue Service (IRS); Office of Inspector General (OIG), and U.S. Secret Service.

Attorney Reish can answer your questions and offer advice for your complex federal criminal case, call (570) 421-2300.


Federal Drug Crimes

Attorney Reish has been representing defendants accused of drug crimes and conspiracies in the Middle District of Pennsylvania for over a decade.  He is familiar with pretrial procedures and has handled federal trials and appeals.

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Federal White Collar Crimes

If you receive a target letter or a business card from from a federal agent, you need to reach out for help from an experienced federal criminal defense attorney immediately.  Responding early in federal matters is critical.

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Federal Child Pornography

Attorney Reish recognizes that he may be the last person standing between you and the full force of the United States Government.  These are difficult cases and involve difficult choices.  Attorney Reish is familiar with computer related defenses and has worked with top experts in the computer security field . He can offer advice on how best to handle your case as well as issues involving claims for restitution.

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Computer Offenses (Hacking)

Representing defendants accused of computer offenses, like many federal offenses, involves getting counsel involved as soon as possible.  As soon as the Government reaches out to an individual or organization, that individual or organization should reach out to an attorney. 


The Secret Service prosecutes counterfeiting offenses and offenses against the financial system.  Attorney Reish has experience representing clients accused of counterfeiting and defrauding financial systems.

National Park Violations

National Park Violations come in the form of DUI or Operating Under the Influence (OUI) or citations for possession of drugs. The "Bushkill" docket or Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is covered by the Middle District of Pennsylvania.  The area is beautiful to visit, but if you need help as a result of a visit, contact Attorney Reish.