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Handling a federal drug case requires different strategies and skills than when defending clients in state court cases.

Attorney Reish is experienced at handling federal drug cases in the Middle District of Pennsylvania, and has done so for over a decade.  He has represented individuals charged with growing operations, conspiracies, RICO matters, vehicle stops, and international drug trafficking organizations. Throughout representation, he will:

-Communicate with the Government, if you receive a target letter.

-Answer questions about search warrants.

-Argue for Pretrial Release.

-Litigate Suppression Motions.

As the case progresses, Attorney Reish will keep you informed and can answer questions that you and your family may have.  He is familiar with the pace of federal cases and the procedures used by the Government.  He can provide estimated costs for representation in federal matters after a consultation.  Over the years he has handled drug investigations brought by various federal agencies, including: the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF); Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA); and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

He has handled federal cases on behalf of alleged members and leaders of RICO conspiracies, a foreign national alleged to be a member of an international drug trafficking organization, numerous individuals alleged to have been co-conspirators in drug distribution schemes, business owners alleged to have engaged in financial crimes involving the transfer of money overseas,  business owners alleged to have committed tax crimes, real estate agents accused of financial crimes, other lawyers, and individuals alleged to have violated federal firearms laws.

Attorney Reish has been helping to resolve federal drug cases for over a decade:

-Identifying sentencing guideline ranges.

-Negotiating for the least possible jail time.

-Arguing for a lower sentence than the guidelines (variances from the guidelines).

-Preparing for Trial and be willing to take cases to Trial when no reasonable offer is made.

-Pursuing appeals to the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit

Brandon R. Reish, Esq.   Superlawyer/Rising Start 2012-2016