Experienced in State Criminal Defense

Attorney Reish's state practice is focused on Monroe County. His office is located across the square from the Monroe County Courthouse, and is also within an hour drive to Milford - county seat of Pike County. He also travels to Pike County.  If handling cases outside of those two counties, he will generally work with attorneys local to the particular county for knowledge of the court system in order to provide the best possible representation.

Over the past decade, Attorney Reish has earned his reputation as an experienced trial attorney and pretrial litigator in these and surrounding counties.  His state court experience and legal training has qualified him as an attorney certified to handle Capital Cases under Rule 801.  He handles all state felony, misdemeanor, and summary offenses.

Brandon R. Reish, Esq.   Superlawyer/Rising Star 2012-2016

Brandon R. Reish, Esq.

Superlawyer/Rising Star 2012-2016

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Drug Crimes

Attorney Reish has represented drug offenders of all types, from first time offenders accused of minor drug offenses up to members of international drug trafficking organizations.  Every case that he is retained will receive his individual attention. He has won suppression motions and taken cases to trial when needed, and has the experience to assist with your case

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White Collar Crimes

Attorney Reish has represented individuals and small businesses who have been accused of white collar crimes and regulatory offenses in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  If there is any suspicion that there may be an investigation or if an investigation commences, retain counsel as soon as possible. Take the time to get experienced help with your problem and take a load off of your shoulders.



Cleaning up a criminal record is more important than ever given how easy it is for businesses and others to access your personal information.  Attorney Reish is an experienced expungement attorney and has handled such cases in Monroe County for over a decade.  There are different types of expungement procedures for different types of cases. 

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Sex Related Crimes

The mere accusation of having committed a sexual assault may appear to be towering obstacle to get over in your life.  There is no need to go down the road alone.  Attorney Reish has taken difficult cases to trial and won, and he has avoided charges in other cases by representing individuals before any official charges have been filed.  He has earned not guilty verdicts for individuals who were wrongfully accused and has negotiated satisfactory resolutions in other cases.  These cases often require pretrial litigation of various issues and then careful attention to what evidence may come in at trial and how best to handle it.

Child Pornography

Child Pornography Possession and Distribution Charges and other computer based offenses require understanding of how computers operate and how investigations work.  Attorney Reish has experience with these types of cases, and can assist with these often complex criminal cases.  He understands that he may be the only person between you and the government in the face of these accusations.  In addition to the criminal implications, there are restitution requests that often must be dealt with by identifiable victims.


Murder and Other Violent Crimes

Crimes of violence require an understanding of human nature and the human body.  More and more the Government is attempting to stretch what accepted science can actually prove.  Attorney Reish can help fight back.  He has tried multiple murder and attempted murder cases as well as more basic assault cases.  In each case, an understanding of the human body is crucial.  Over the past several years, reports on "forensic science" have shown big problems for the government's use of certain so-called science.  Attorney Reish is a Capital Case Certified criminal defense attorney and will help with a case you or a loved one may be facing.  He has also had trial success in self defense cases and can bring that experience to work in the appropriate cases.


Computer Related Crimes

Computer related crimes are often based on statutes that struggle to keep up with technology: Unlawful Use of a Computer, Computer Theft, Computer Trespass, and other offenses.  These offenses are not routinely handled by many district attorney's offices.  In these cases, it is often beneficial for a target of the investigation to seek advice from an attorney during the investigation.  However, if charges are filed, Attorney Reish can assist with an aggressive defense.